WESMAR Pleasure Boat Thrusters
Thrusters for Fiberglass, Aluminum, Steel and Wood Vessels 30 to 200 Feet


  • Stainless Steel Props
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Easy Retrofit and Upgrade
  • More Thrust per Input Power
  • Precise Control

Easy Retrofit:

Upgrading your vessel has never been easier. WESMAR’s two bolt design allows for a simple drop-in installation on existing metric sized tunnels. Both the V2-7 and V2-10 M models replace Max Power, Side Power, and Vetus Thrusters.

Upgrade Models

V2-7 M

  • 24 or 48 VCD Proportional
  • Tunnel Size: 185mm
  • Motor Sizes: 24 VDC 6 hp Brushless 48 VDC 13 hp

V2-10 M

  • 48 VDC Proportional
  • Tunnel Size: 250mm
  • Motor Size: 48 VDC 13 hp
WESMAR HD860 Series Sonar
WESMAR’s HD860 solves the tough challenge of seeing fish both close to the surface and close to the bottom.

With this new stabilization technology you stay on the fish and improve your catch even in rough seas. The HD860 brings new technology based on 4 years of intensive development by the leading US manufacturer of commercial and recreational fishing sonar.

Active Stabilization

WESMAR’s new HD860 Series Sonar incorporates electronic beam stabilization technology developed and refined over 4 years.

Digital Link

Long interconnect cable runs are always subject to noise and low sonar performance. WESMAR’s new digital link between the sonar electronics (near the transducer) and the computer console in the wheelhouse operate noise free for maximum sonar performance.

Searchlight Advantage

No Sonar has better directivity than WESMAR engineered transducers. One hundred percent of the transducer surface area points in the direction of the fish in a sharp narrow beam. Dispersed fish and hard to mark fish are detected clutter-free. An Omni sonar, with a diffused beam, allows dispersed fish and fish near the bottom to go undetected.

WESMAR DSP4800 Stabilizer System
DSP4800 Series - A New Level of Comfort and Pleasure to Cruising and Piloting

Three Powerful Active Stabilization Systems:

  • Model DSP4801 -Standard Digital Stabilization - Offers the high-speed gyro and control of roll, with on-screen display of fin movement in real time.
  • Model DSP4802 - Digital Stabilization and Lift - Gyro and controller software maintains the fins in a positive lift position during all stabilzation movement, providing maximum fuel savings.
  • Model DSP4803 - Digital Stabilization, Lift and At Anchor - The At Anchor mode (zero speed) monitors incoming swells and automatically controls fin movement to reduce the roll.

WESMAR Stabilizers Bring You Peace of Mind…

  • 8 Models resist up to 90% of the roll
  • Unique Electronic Gyro delivers lightning speed reaction
  • Rugged Triple Layer Fin Construction
  • Pleasure Boat Stabilizers
  • Commercial Stabilizers
  • Gyro Upgrade Combination
  • Rugged, triple layer fin construction features strong and lightweight structural foam.

Automatically adjusts your vessel motion for maximum comfort…

  • Fewer hydraulic hoses make this system a better option
  • Sensitivity knob adjustment right on main console for immediate controlEasy to install
  • An entire retrofit installation can be accomplished in the water

Dual Cylinder Actuator

Adds strength and reliability, for vessels using WESMAR’s stabilizers, including the large, high speed, high performance boats.

Electronic Gyro Upgrades

  • A unique WESMAR Retrofit Package allows boats yards and boat owners to upgrade their existing stabilizer systems with the advanced electronic gyroscope.
  • Does not require replacing existing actuators and fins. Works on all models of WESMAR Roll Fin Stabilizers plus those of most other manufacturers.
  • Saves expense and time of hauling the vessel.

WESMAR’s electronic gyro system delivers lightning speed reaction for exceptional performance. The electronic gyro sensor sends information about roll velocity and acceleration directly to WESMAR’s closed proportional valves, which react instantaneously to rotate the fins. When a desired lift is achieved to counteract the rolling force of a wave, WESMAR’s closed proportional hydraulic system instantly interacts with the electronic gyro to correct the rolling.